Meet Jim

An Independent For An Independent Wyoming.


In 1970, the lure of Wyoming’s outdoors pulled me from college to Jackson Hole. I bought a piece of property in Wilson and built a small cabin out of stone with my own two hands. Aside from a couple of brief stints in Idaho & Alaska in early 70’s, I’ve been a Wyoming resident and avid outdoorsman ever since.

I have two sons, Will and Wyatt, born in 1984 and 1988. Both boys attended Wyoming public schools throughout their K-12th grade years and received a great education.

Up through the mid 80’s, I worked as journeyman carpenter for other general contractors. In 1986, I started a small construction company of my own called, Roscoe Co. I still run that same construction company today, which serves clients in Teton, Sublet, and Lincoln counties.

In 1993, my family bought a remote 280 acre ranch in southeast Sublette County, in the Big Sandy area, which I still maintain today.

I have already served two terms in the Wyoming Legislature, from 2008-2012. In those four years, I served on two standing committees - Minerals and Corporations - the Brucellosis Task Force, the Select Water Committee, and the Wyoming Wildlife Trust Fund Committee.

In this current term from 2018-2020, I’m serving on the House Labor, Health & Social Services, and House Revenue committees.

Wyoming has given me so much as a father, grandfather, friend, and businessman. I’m proud to have taught my sons to hunt and fish, to hay and mend fence, and to appreciate and protect this wild country of ours.


Jim Roscoe

Independent Representative Of Wyoming’s House District #22

"I spent two terms in the Wyoming legislature, and I know how much time it takes.”

"I spent two terms in the Wyoming legislature, and I know how much time it takes.”