No Party Affiliation

An Independent For An Independent Wyoming.


Why Be An independent? 


Having already served two terms as a Wyoming legislator, I know first hand that there’s wisdom in both parties.

Both parties represent the people, and there’s wisdom in the people. With this idea in mind, that I am choosing to run as an Independent candidate unaffiliated with the Democrats or the Republicans.

As an Independent, I can lift the best ideas from both parties without being beholden to either. I can bridge the divide between both parties better represent the interests of all Wyoming people.

"In this divisive climate, very little is getting accomplished. I can be an effective bridge between the two parties."


Independent from Washington GRidlock.


I was a registered Republican for 30+ years, and I support many of the GOP’s fiscally and socially conservative positions. I believe there’s wisdom in limiting top-down federal government initiatives, and encouraging bottom-up local government initiatives.

That said, I also stand for compromise, a skill many of our federal legislators in DC seem to have lost. 

Being an Independent means I can put Wyoming first, and be Independent from the partisan rancor we see so much in our nation's capital. 

I'll carry my knowledge and experience forward, represent the people’s true mandate, and put Wyoming first everyday."

Here’s a bumper sticker spotted in Alpine, Wyoming. I support this sentiment.

Here’s a bumper sticker spotted in Alpine, Wyoming. I support this sentiment.